The Traditional Agent is juggling many facets of a real estate transaction all by themselves thus they are the center of attention and risk dropping balls. Working with our team, YOU become the center of attention and many hands make the load light. Here are 8 ways we are different from the Traditional Agent and why you can have confidence you’re in excellent hands. Take a brief moment to watch our video to see a quick look behind the scenes to see what it takes and how we help our clients buy, sell, build and invest in real estate.


It all starts here. We have developed 3 Key Strategies to help you make a successful move and to maximize your return on your investment. Some agents fly by the seat of their pants. We don’t risk your valuable investment like that. After all, this is YOUR life, YOUR dreams, YOUR home. You deserve a professional who has a detailed plan to help you make a successful move. Greg and Elisha did just that. They followed our system each step of the way. We met for the Strategy Session. They followed our Iron Clad Buyer’s Plan. And they followed our 30-60-90 Day Pricing Plan. Thus they maximized their return and are a huge success story!


Communication is a vital element. During your transaction of buying and selling a home in Happy Valley, you can be assured that we will stay in touch with you. You will know what’s going on at all times. A common complaint we hear from our clients who’ve previously worked with other agents in the past is: “We never heard from our agent.” Not so with us! You will hear from us! As a matter of fact, we will actually educate you about the process so you know what to expect, when to expect it and what to do about it. We’re on YOUR team! Whether you’re buying or selling, we’ve got you covered. Sit back and relax knowing you are in excellent hands!


Whether you live in another country, another state, or you’re just on vacation, we will go above and beyond to keep an eye out for you. If you’re buying a home or building a new home, we will help you find what you’re looking for and do site visits to watch the progress for you. If you’re selling a home, we will keep an eye on the home for you. Making sure the home is still in showing order when you’re not here. With our Site Visit video, our clients Pat and Bonnie could see what a potential building lot looked like and what the surroundings were. This helped them make an informed decision.


We consult, negotiate and oversee all the transactional details for you. We treat your money like it’s our money. And we fight for you like a pit bull. When it comes to representing your best interest, we are tough as nails. If you’re a seller, rest assured we will get your home SOLD! Our batting average is .824. What that means is that when you list your home with us, you have an 82.4% chance that we will get your home SOLD! Wouldn’t Derek Jeter like a batting average like that! If you’re a buyer, in many cases, we’ve actually gone out and found our buyers homes that were not even on the market yet like we did for Jeff and Jerrilyn!


Whether it’s the engineer in Nyssa or her strong business background, in either case, Nyssa likes data. We keep an eye on the market. We pull the stats and watch the trends so that we can give you our best advice. Since your home is one of your most valuable assets, rest assured our advice will always be backed up by data.


YOU are our community! And we support you! Whether you work from home or work outside the home, we do our best to support all things local. Visit our blog and meet some great local folks! We support many local charities and events such as Global Connections, Nittany Valley Symphony, Arts Fest, Grange Fair. We support the community in which we love and live!


As a community service, we teach free classes. Whether you’re a first time home buyer or you’ve owned your home for years, our FREE Home Buyers Class is for anyone. It’s held at the Mt. Nittany Middle School and we do this as a community service. So there’s never any pressure to buy or sell a home at any time. We are your neighbors and friends. It’s important to us to give back to the community.


We are grateful that so many agents and lenders all across the country have noticed how we are running our real estate business. What an honor. We are humbled. They have noticed our integrity, our commitment to our clients and our commitment to raising the bar throughout the entire process. We have set the bar high and we are delighted so many others have been inspired. It’s exciting that we have others who are paying attention to what we are doing here with our process of helping home buyers and sellers. It’s been a pleasure helping others to raise the bar, too!