How’s the Market? | Central PA Real Estate Market Report | You Are Home – January 2012 Episode

Season 2 of Tuesday Tour has become “You Are Home”. Enjoy episode 6 that is a detailed report of the State College, PA market. For best quality of charts and graphs, watch in 720p HD and full screen.

Hi. I’m Nyssa Smith. Welcome to today’s edition of: “You Are Home”. Thank you for joining us. I’m here in Central Pennsylvania and today my focus is on how healthy the housing market is in State College. Actually, the entire area surrounding Penn State which is Centre County.

Our segment today is lengthier than our normal episodes. But stick with us! We are going to go through this in a really fun way. We’re going to dig in deep. To analyze the market over the last 12 years.

So all you Left brain thinkers, you’ll appreciate the data. All the graphs and spreadsheets. And I promise you Right brain thinkers, I’ll tie this all together for you and you can really see the big picture. So come along with me for the ride. And be sure to watch all the way to the end of the video.

Many home buyers and sellers in State College, PA wonder about the real estate market. What’s the best time to sell? What’s the best time to buy? Is it a Buyer’s market? Is it a Sellers market?

Buyers say: “I want to get a good deal!”

Sellers say: “I don’t want to lose money on my home.”

Both buyers and sellers ask: “What should I do? Where should I turn?”

Centre County home buyers and sellers can have confidence! Take a look at the market statistics in this video. It’s important to see the market as a whole. Equally important is to consider your neighborhood specifically or your price range specifically. Each situation is different. Each scenario is going to be unique. Each micro-market could be different. How many homes are on the market? How many buyers are there? What’s the average sales price? And what’s the average days on market? These are the factors to consider. Where one seller’s home price could have increased, another’s could have decreased.

Rely on an experienced real estate professional to help you determine the best time to sell or the best time to buy. Yes, you can have confidence in purchasing a home in Centre Co. It is a good investment.

Thank you for watching all the way to the end. It’s important information and please share this video with everyone you can think of. And let me know how I can best help you or those you care about!

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