Thank you for my Gold Star Craig!  I am so honored.  You share so many great tips and training in Craigs Classroom on ActiveRain and I am truly flattered you enjoy my videos and felt compelled to share my stuff with the world.  Thank you so much!!!

Via Craig Daniels, REVA, Technology Instructor:


to give out a gold star. Nyssa Smith is a real estate agent in
College, PA

you are going to appreciate about Nyssa is that she is really leveraging
video in her online presence. Nyssa for a few years now has learned how to
bring video into her real estate presentation. She steps in front of the camera
and introduces her topic of the day. Then the video changes over to a nice presentation of
clips of the neighborhood or house that she is showcasing. By stepping in front of the camera
we feel like we really get to know her even before we have really met her!

The video below is one of Nyssa’s “Tuesday Tours”

Earlier today, Nyssa was featured on Jonathan Rivera’s (aka
Real-TechGuy) weekly internet radio show.
(Jonathan also is creator of
Estate Referral Group
 on Facebook, I suggest you check out and “like” that
page also). On the radio show, Jonathan interviewed Nyssa about her use of video
and the success that she has had with it. She also gives important tips for those who
would like to learn from her years of experience in video marketing for real
estate. You can playback the interview in the audio embed here:

If you want to download the MP3 file for offline listening
in your portable media player, you can get the download from Jonathan’s

episode page
Blog Talk Radio. Be sure and check out
Nyssa’s Blog page and also her
YouTube channel.

Well done Nyssa, Gold Star well deserved!

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the group rule
of “our own video content” – I hope you will understand as I think the
group will really appreciate)

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