Tuesday Tour – Home Show at the Bryce Jordan Center, State College, PA

Missed the Home Show at the Bryce Jordan Center this past weekend? Well, now you can see it! Instead of taking 2 hours out of your day to walk through the Home Show, come along with me as I take you through the show in just 10 minutes! See what you missed!

The 2011 Home Show was brought to you by the Builders Association of Central PA. It was held at Penn State’s Bryce Jordan Center.

My first stop was just outside the doors of the BJC. Take a look as CPI students (Dane, Katie & Robbie) show us their design they built for the Home Show.

Next on my tour, say hello to Mr. Froggy from our local Froggy 98 radio station. Entering the show, we are greeted by members of the Builders Association.

Next stop is Kissinger, Bigatel & Brower REALTORS. My old stomping grounds. KBB had listings up for passerbys to see. Some familiar faces and some new faces. It’s nice to say hi to everyone.

Next up, meet Lorna Arocena, local Architect. Lorna’s been designing new homes, additions and renovations for the past 11 years. Check out all her work! It’s amazing!

Boyer Refrigeration, who specializes in Heating & Air Conditioning, had a great display. I loved some of their slogans including this one: “B worry free”. How clever!

Continuing on, meet John Arrington, Cindy Campbell & Jane Husman of Kish Bank! I really enjoyed my conversation with the three of them. John’s been in the banking industry for many years and has recently moved over to Kish Bank. So it was nice to stay and talk a while with the Kish Bank team. They are a community bank who focuses on a wide array of needs. (I didn’t realize they had so many divisions – mortgages, travel, insurance, etc. Wow!)

Next on my tour, I stopped by to see my friend (and past client) Jason at Cisney & O’Donnell, Inc. What a display they had! Woo! Another surprise! Just like Kish Bank had more than I realized, so did Cisney & O’Donnell! I didn’t realize they had so many divisions. They not only do additions and remodels, but they also build new homes AND they do swimming pools! Above ground and in-ground. I really loved their display! I’m not sure I captured it on film as nice as it really was! If they didn’t win best of show, they should have!

Moving right along, meet the guys at Granite Landscaping. They do landscape design, installation AND maintenance. It’s nice to know they not only design and install, but they also do the maintenance. Not all landscape companies do that. They want to make the outside of your home just as beautiful as the inside of your home. They not only do the landscaping, but they also do hardscape, too, such as retaining walls, patios, trellises, decks, etc.

I can’t go to the Home Show without stopping in to see my friend, Jim Stein. Jim owns both CDG Properties and Nittany Poured Walls. Jim’s always such a busy guy! And he builds a great house!

Meet my new friends Ken and Tammy! I just met them at the Home Show. (I hope I got the names right… I didn’t write it down… I need to do that!) I don’t think they really wanted to be on camera. But they were hams anyway weren’t they! I loved it! They are naturals!

Navigating my way through the show, I come across more friends. My friends at Nittany Bank. I also met a new friend at Fasta & Ravioli Co. who was cooking up some pasta at the Nittany Bank display. Fasta & Ravioli Co. is located at 129 S. Frasier St. in downtown State College. So yummy! Be sure to check them out!

Another stop I wanted to make is to see my friends over at Envinity. With many people in the world thinking green, my friends over at Envinity are sure to peak your interest. They have so much to offer homeowners. Including an green building and an energy audit of your home. They can come out and take a look at your home to see where you’re losing energy and where you can make improvements to your home to keep the money from leaking out the seams (so to speak) and put it back in your pockets.

Next up, I met some new friends over at Sharer Fiberglass Repair. This is a cool service! I had no idea! take a look at what they can do to a bathtub for you. Do you have an avocado green bathtub? They can refinish that to make it another color! Or do you have a small hole or some cracking? They can repair that, too! Be sure to visit their website and see what they can do.

There’s so much to see, I just can’t get to it all. But last up, I wanted to get to Sun Directed. They are following me on facebook and I thought I should check them out. Again, in today’s “Green” world, this is something I wanted to check out. Sun Directed can install solar panels for you. They will meet with you to discuss your current energy consumption and to see how installing solar panels might be able to save you money.

I can’t leave the show without heading back to the KBB booth. Meet this happy couple looking at homes! And by the way, I want you to feel comfortable introducing me to the people you care about when they need any real estate help. I’ve been in real estate for the past 15 years. Who’s the next person you know who needs my help? Please give me a call or send me a message and we can discuss the best way to get us introduced.

Hope you enjoyed the show! There was so much to see. I know I didn’t hit everything. But these are just some of the highlights.

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