Today we take a break from touring properties to share with you a quick story about how Nyssa and her team helped Joe, Teri and their two kids sell their house in just 5 days and find a home that wasn’t even on the market yet to make their dreams come true!  Please take a moment to watch as Joe and Teri tell their story of their struggles and their triumphs.  And maybe you know of someone going through the same thing.

Joe and Teri and their two kids lived on a busy street.  They wanted to make a move but didn’t know where to start.  They didn’t know who to trust.  They didn’t know how to go about selling their current home.  They didn’t know how they would coordinate getting their home ready plus finding a home to purchase and how would they work out the moving process.  They felt stuck.  And they were trying to figure it out all on their own.  And they were about ready to give up.

But after having met Nyssa in July, they quickly strategized what they needed to do in their current home.  Nyssa and her team helped them through the process of what they needed to do in their current home to get it ready to go on the market to do some painting and new carpeting plus some staging.

During this time, Nyssa and her team were looking for a home that would fit Joe and Teri’s family’s needs.  Since nothing was on the market that worked for them in the school district where they wanted to live, Nyssa and her team were proactive.  They went the extra mile to find a home that wasn’t even on the market yet.  They wrote letters and asked around and found a nice home just a few years old on a cul de sac.  Just exactly what Joe and Teri had dreamed of.

Just 6 months later, Joe, Teri, Megan and Ryan have the home of their dreams!

Who’s the next person you know who needs our help.  Please contact us immediately so we can discuss the best way to get us introduced so we can help them like we helped Joe and Teri!

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